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Torino – Nice Rally

I’ve had the pleasure of working together with OSM films on their latest video from the Torino – Nice Rally, where they followed the traces of Joachim Rosenlund. The spectacular scenery combined with a beautiful story inspired me for the graphics and the end result looks amazing. A big thank you goes to Bombtrack bicycles for making this happen!

Circling the Istrian peninsula


At the head of the Adriatic Sea between the Gulf of Trieste and the Kvarner Gulf lies Istria, the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. Its history books are filled with demographical and cultural changes and it is currently shared amongst three countries (Croatia, Slovenia and Italy). For those of us living and cycling in the inner regions of Slovenia it represents a place where we can retreat to in the winter. When the temperatures drop below zero and the sun hardly ever penetrates through the city fog, the sight of empty roads connecting the old hilltop towns of Istria and the vineyards that surround them, tempts us to escape the city rush. By the end of December 2016, this temptation convinced Klemen and me, to finally fulfill our long postponed dream of circling the peninsula on our bikes. Despite being completely out of shape we decided to do it in three days, the apartments were booked and it was time to hit the road.

Check out the full gallery from our ride HERE.


The summer passed away faster than most and for someone who missed out on most of the racing action this year, the Red Hook Criterium in Milano was a perfect weekend getaway. It was also a great chance to see how the series progressed since 2014 when I first saw it, and since there were four people participating from Slovenia, it was most definitely the place to be.

Check out the full gallery and some words about the RHC Milano 2016 HERE.





Another thing had to be done before packing up for Red Hook Criterium Milano…

Thanks to Bombtrack Bicycle Co. and OSM films there is a new guest article on the website. An interview with Clem Shovel about this years Tuscany Trail accompanied by the beautiful photos and a video shot by OSM films.

If you haven’t read this already, I highly recommend it!


If standing on the start of the 2015 Tuscany Trail felt like being a part of something huge, I can’t imagine the sensation that this years participants had to feel. The biggest bike-packing event in the world attracted 530 competing starters and among them were Clem Shovel and Joachim Rosenlund. A French – Norwegian connection sent to Italy with the help of a German bicycle company, followed by a couple from Slovenia to document it all. Confused already?
In my opinion this is one of the great things that bicycles are capable of doing, and it is especially seen in the bike-packing world; bringing people together from all over the world, sharing experiences and ideas in order to do great things.
– Marko



A while ago I did this amazing ride with Daniel, it was one of the best rides I did so far, and sadly what we did was illegal…

We talked a lot about the consequences of publishing a story about it since we could potentially get a fine. But in the end we both agreed that it has to be published no matter what, and that the discussion about this ridiculous law has to keep going if we want it to change. So if you have the time to read the story, I’d really like to hear everyones opinion on the subject!


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I first heard about Sarah Swallow about a year ago, when everyone from the Seek and Enjoy team exchanged e-mails and informations about what they’re up to and what they plan to do. I knew or heard about most of the people on the team, but that name didn’t ring a bell. Eventually I found out that she’s running an awesome looking bike shop with her husband Tom and they like to ride their bikes a lot… all of a sudden, news about them riding the TransAmTrail were all over the internet.

Impressed by their journey and lifestyle, I’ve decided to get in touch for a short interview and they were happy to cooperate!



The urge to seek adventure and set new goals runs along nicely with the desire to live. Live your life to the fullest, set yourself free, explore, challenge yourself, try new things. Live! You see, if you’re a kid with a different mindset than the majority, you have to accept that more times than not, you’ll have to rely on yourself to make things happen, to live. The sooner you realize that the trails are not going to build themselves, and that the skate parks are not going to just appear in front of you, the better. You’ll have to do these things yourself, and at times it will suck, but by the end of the day you’ll see that there is nothing better than to ride the trails that you’ve built with your own hands. This world is ripe with opportunity, or so they say. And with that in mind, the foundation for the first ever unsupported gravel race in Slovenia was laid.

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The 2015 season of The Classics Experience is done and dusted, the leaves have started to fall from the trees, and the ever so depressing rain began to settle in our daily routines. Even if just a few weeks ago taking a bike ride felt easy and simple, it feels more like an ordeal right now.

I just finished the season of my reports for the Classics Experience and now I feel nostalgic… READ THE ARTICLE HERE

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DUST LUST vol 1.

Man oh man is this going to be good or what?!


Saturday, October 24th 2015 at 7am in the parking lot in front of Interspar Vič – Jamova cesta 105, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dust Lust is a 170km long and unsupported bike race across rough terrain. Participants will ride the unmarked route using a navigation device or prearranged maps, and will prove the accuracy of their ride by showing us their gps files. The rider that comes to the finish line fastest is the winner.

More info HERE.

Rapha Women’s Prestige in the Dolomites

This weekend, the first ever Rapha Women’s Prestige happened in the Dolomites, it took 18 teams over four really hard mountain passes while covering roughly 120km of roads. Amongst the participants there was also a group of four tough Slovenian girls and I’m really glad that they invited me over as a part of their support group!

Promoting women’s cycling is really important and these kind of events are the right way to do it. And the least I can do is to show you some impressions from my view as an observer and Tanja’s view as a rider. Hopefully this inspires someone!


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A bit more than a month ago, we decided to go on a easy overnighter to a nearby riverbank. Just a couple of friends, enjoying the summer and the local remote roads. It was just what I needed to get my mind straight and I took a bunch of photos and wrote some stuff about it.


Take the weekend off

I’ve been planning to visit Kobarid for a while now, but something always came in between. But then last Friday, a random conversation led to an invitation from a friend, to come and hang out with him and ride bikes while we’re at it. I fell in love with that area once again and my mind is already set for another visit in September! (I actually managed to not pull the camera out even once! – ok except for the smartphone)



Thanks for the invite and the photo Dani!

Shower beers and coyotes

”After another rainy morning I left Vancouver and headed south towards the Delta. A couple of bridges and overpasses later I ate the leftover ribs and I also saw a coyote that day. I scared him more than he scared me.”




The second guest article on this webpage is about cycling in Canada. Domen Ožbot was helping out at the Filmed By Bike Festival in portland for a couple of months and managed to do some bike touring in the meanwhile.

Read the full story HERE


Two ways to climb a mountain – Jaka Bulc

“There are two ways to climb a mountain. I like both of them.”


When I started this webpage my goal was not only to promote cycling, but I also wanted to create a platform for other likeminded people who enjoy the outdoors as much as I do.

The first person to come to mind was Jaka Bulc, I always admired his photos from the mountain range and when we started to talk about my idea he was all for it.

To read the article “Two ways to climb a mountain” by Jaka Bulc CLICK HERE.

Karussell Strada

A while ago, in a conversation about bikes (as usual), David Krevs (Karussell) and I discussed how I recently painted a couple of bikes and how much I loved it. But there was one thing that bothered me, the fact that almost every person who got in touch with me about repainting a bike frame or whatever, wanted to paint it black. And while I looooove black and I think that everything should be black… black is way to simple. The easiest way to make a bike pretty is by painting it all black…covering all the flaws and all it’s lines, add a couple of matte/gloss variations and you have a winner. Luckily for me, David who is a freshly born frame builder shared the same opinion, and to make things even better, he was just working on his latest road bike and needed someone to paint it. He gave me total freedom and told me to do whatever I want with it, so this is what came out after a lot of thought and even more improvisation!

Thanks for the trust David!

19226645270_a052bd076c_o 19226654200_a36acaeea2_o 19407935602_6072af4b84_o 19414221215_fc473f918e_o

Photos by David Krevs, see more HERE.


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After returning home from the Tuscany Trail, I’ve talked a lot about it with friends, fellow cyclists and basically anyone that was a keen listener. More importantly, I’ve written a lot about it… some of it has already been published, and some of it is getting there. Every article is a bit different and I’m looking at the photos again and again when I’m writing one, but what’s interesting to me is how I never get tired of looking at them. Each one of them brings a certain memory from an adventure that plays a life-changing role in my life.

Tuscany Trail is a 560km long unsupported adventure, which travels through (you’ve guessed it) Tuscany, and along the way covers roughly 11.000m of elevation. You can read all about that and more on their webpage, so I’m not going to spend another word on that account, except that it’s absolutely brilliant and if you ever get a chance to do it, you most definitely should!

It will have a special place in my heart for as long as I’ll be alive, since this was the first bike-packing tour of the kind that I ever did. I’ve done some bike packing and bike touring before, but it was always on familiar terrain and in smaller proportions. I’m glad that Klemen and Jure were by my side and I’m sure that it was equally special for them as it was for me. The Tuscany Trail inspired us to do more trips like that in the future and we’re already planning our next adventures together, but until then, we still have all these photos to look at and yearn.


Daniel Wakefield Pasley

I met Daniel on the internet. It was 2013, we just came back from a short bike trip in Istria and without any hopes for a reply I sent an e-mail to Yonder Journal, telling them how much they inspired me and how awesome their project looks like. A couple days later Daniel replied to my email and we started talking. It was because of him that I continued taking photos and writing about trips and it was because of him that I got a chance to be a part of this amazing project called SEEK AND ENJOY two years later. I have a lot to thank him for and hopefully one day I’ll be able to return the favour. He’s a really awesome guy and you should read the short interview I did with him by clicking HERE!



I received a disposable camera from Deux North a while ago. All I had to do was send it back when it ran out of film and write a couple of words for their website…

The photos were finally developed last week and it has all been published just now! You can go to to read the story and check out the blurry images!

It’s been a pleasure to work on such an inspirational project as this one! 88210008 88210012 88210014


I tried to write a proper report of the ride that happened this Sunday, but I failed immensely… so HERE’s what’s been going through my mind instead.

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“As already mentioned, The Classics Experience has gone through some changes since the first edition three years ago. We have recently realized that we can predict future and that we are still not perfect…that’s a lot to handle you know! On the one hand we are happy with the future stuff but on the other hand we are really bummed about the non-perfection thing… our goal is to fix this ASAP and that’s why for the Vlaanderens Mooiste ride, I’ve decided to join the chasing group and see how things work there.”

Read more HERE.

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This year, I’ve decided to focus on something else than just cycling in the texts I write for The Classics Experience. Since I’ve written a couple of words about our super powers in the first recapture, the only logical thing to write about this time was the opposite – the fact that we’re not perfect. And you can read all about it HERE.

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From the archives: Focus Variado repaint

For the last couple of days I’ve been lying in bed with fever, and it sucks! Not only does that mean that I can’t be outside, riding my bike, but it also means that a project I’ve been working on last week, has to be put on hold. I started the process of stripping the paint off a Specialized Demo 2008, in order to give it a new image, but more about that later.

Since this is a similar project that I’ve already done a couple of months ago on my friends Focus Variado road bike, I’ve decided to share a couple of images of the finished product.

focus-1 focus-2 focus-3 focus-4 focus-5


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February the 21st, 2015 – Saturday. Ljubljana is waking up into a cloudy morning; the Friday parties have turned into hangovers and the ones who like to sleep in, are sleeping in. I try to sleep at least until the alarm goes off, but I cant, I’ve never been good at it, so I wake up half an hour sooner. I thought that having a couple of drinks the night before will help, but all it caused was a slight headache, just enough to slow things down. Two eggs and a slice of bread along with a cup of coffee should take care of that… it’s a long day ahead so there’s no need to rush things…Click HERE for the whole article.


After a lot of thinking, frustration, satisfaction and what not, this page is finally alive! There is a lot of fun stuff in the plans for the future and we’ll get to that eventually but right now I would just like to thank the people who made this possible!

Nina, Žiga, Jure, without you this would never happen, thanks for being awesome!