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Circling the Istrian peninsula


At the head of the Adriatic Sea between the Gulf of Trieste and the Kvarner Gulf lies Istria, the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. Its history books are filled with demographical and cultural changes and it is currently shared amongst three countries (Croatia, Slovenia and Italy). For those of us living and cycling in the inner regions of Slovenia it represents a place where we can retreat to in the winter. When the temperatures drop below zero and the sun hardly ever penetrates through the city fog, the sight of empty roads connecting the old hilltop towns of Istria and the vineyards that surround them, tempts us to escape the city rush. By the end of December 2016, this temptation convinced Klemen and me, to finally fulfill our long postponed dream of circling the peninsula on our bikes. Despite being completely out of shape we decided to do it in three days, the apartments were booked and it was time to hit the road.

Check out the full gallery from our ride HERE.

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