Cognitive State


The urge to seek adventure and set new goals runs along nicely with the desire to live. Live your life to the fullest, set yourself free, explore, challenge yourself, try new things. Live! You see, if you’re a kid with a different mindset than the majority, you have to accept that more times than not, you’ll have to rely on yourself to make things happen, to live. The sooner you realize that the trails are not going to build themselves, and that the skate parks are not going to just appear in front of you, the better. You’ll have to do these things yourself, and at times it will suck, but by the end of the day you’ll see that there is nothing better than to ride the trails that you’ve built with your own hands. This world is ripe with opportunity, or so they say. And with that in mind, the foundation for the first ever unsupported gravel race in Slovenia was laid.

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