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Q: Please share a few words about yourself and your connection to cycling.
A: I am born and raised in Los Angeles California but have been lucky enough to travel to some rad places since as long as I can remember. I have always ridden bikes of some kind from as soon as I could get a leg over one so I have always been around it all my life. It is only natural to become involved in whatever kind of cycling “scene” that is around from BMX to Road or Cyclocross.

Q: How does a guy like you end up in the Trans Provence and walk away as the best American finisher out there?
A: It basically takes a lot of luck and good support. Trans Provence is the kind of thing that is right up my alley so when the guys at Acre Supply told me about it and asked if I would want to go it took no time at all for me to say yes. The other Americans that were there are faster then me no question at all but they just ran into some unfortunate hick ups in their race that made it possible for me to come out on top.

Q: It seems like you are all over the place right now; The Great Divide, Trans Provence, Yonder Journal, a lot of individual bike packing trips… Being the co-owner of the Golden Saddle Cyclery, how do you manage to find the time for all of this?
A: Like a lot of other things I am also fortunate to have the support of my Partners at GSC. They may not always be stoked at how much I am gone (because I seem to be gone more then they are) but they are pretty supportive and understanding that now is the time to do this kind of thing. We all three get to travel a decent amount and being able to do so is one big reason why we opened a shop of our own. We all put in our time when it counts most and then we get to have time away for personal trips or projects when the opportunity is there. I am also very lucky right now to have a lot of interest in the type of things I am doing or willing to do with bikes. That interest translates into people wanting to support it and get me and brands exposure so it all works out pretty good right now.

Q: How did the idea to ride The Great Divide come to life? Are you satisfied with how it played out and would you do anything different if you could go back in time?
A: The idea came from my friend Christophe Raffy in a way, he told me to watch this documentary about his mothers best friend who did a crazy long mountain bike race. The movie was Ride the Divide and the rider was Mary Metcalf-Collier. I think I only made it about half way through before I said, “I want to do this” so after that I started making plans to do it. I am pretty satisfied with how it went for me but as most things I would def change the way I did some stuff if I did it again. I wouldn’t say I would go back in time and change what how it went but only change how I do things the next time.

Q: After you finished the divide in 23 days, did it change your perspective on how big (or small) the world really is? I mean, 23 days of unsupported riding from Canada to Mexico sounds like an amazing achievement to me, one I would think impossible to do by just looking at the maps, but then again… if you could get from Canada to Mexico in this time, imagine where 50 days or more would take you.
A: I wouldn’t really say it changed my perspective on how big or small the world is but it for sure helped me realize what is important in my life. When you are riding 150 miles a day for 23 days you have a lot of time in your head to think about what really matters. Even more so when you are out for 23 days with only what is on your bike you realize what things you can and can’t live without. When I got home I did make some changes mentally and with my life in general that are for the better.

Q: You have a lot of friends that are active in the cycling scene, from your wife Kelli, to John Watson and Daniel Wakefield Pasley… I’m sure that you inspire them in one way or another, but do you also draw some inspiration from them? Is there any thing that you are especially proud to be a part of? Also does it make it easier for you to do the things you do because of all the connections that you have?
A: They all inspire me in one way or another for sure. I am really proud to have been a part of GSC and the what it has grown into all around the world. Every time someone tells me they did some kind of ride they may not have thought to do or done before they saw Yonder Journal or any other trip I have done it makes me really proud. It is a pretty good feeling that you in some way played a part in someone having a great time or doing something they may not have done if you didn’t share your story with them.

Having connections with rad people always helps for sure.

Q: Let’s finish this with the best decision that you did in your life.
A: This could get really deep and go way back but I will spare everyone that kind of response and just go with the obvious easy answer. Only going back a few years my best decision would be opening GSC with Kyle and Woody. The shop has brought so many things to my door from meeting my now wife to racing mountain bikes in France. I am very happy with what is going on in my life and a lot of that started from the shop.

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