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Karussell Strada

A while ago, in a conversation about bikes (as usual), David Krevs (Karussell) and I discussed how I recently painted a couple of bikes and how much I loved it. But there was one thing that bothered me, the fact that almost every person who got in touch with me about repainting a bike frame or whatever, wanted to paint it black. And while I looooove black and I think that everything should be black… black is way to simple. The easiest way to make a bike pretty is by painting it all black…covering all the flaws and all it’s lines, add a couple of matte/gloss variations and you have a winner. Luckily for me, David who is a freshly born frame builder shared the same opinion, and to make things even better, he was just working on his latest road bike and needed someone to paint it. He gave me total freedom and told me to do whatever I want with it, so this is what came out after a lot of thought and even more improvisation!

Thanks for the trust David!

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Photos by David Krevs, see more HERE.

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