Cognitive State



It’s November and even if you try to be as stubborn as possible to keep the cold from getting to you, it’s still there… summer is long gone, deal with it. Usually at this time of the year I’m spending whatever daylight I can get on the cyclocross bike, either freezing my ass off or sweating like crazy because I don’t know what to wear. I hate cold, I really do, and even if I’m in love with cyclocross, as soon as there is a chance for an escape to someplace warm, I just have to take it.
A good friend of ours spends a lot of time on Brač, the third largest island in Croatia and the highest one in the Adriatic Sea. He always talks about it like it’s the most beautiful place on the world and how there are tons of amazing trails out there, and since I’ve never been there before I take it all with some distance. People like to get excited about places that they really like and try to sell that idea to others, so rather than getting disappointed I like to keep an open mind… this time I was wrong not to believe him right from the start, the island exceeded all my expectations.

On the first weekend of November, a group of fourteen people traveled from Ljubljana to Brač, to enjoy three days of mountain biking in warm weather. Not all of us knew everyone but it soon became clear that we’re in for a good couple of days, the atmosphere was great from the minute we stepped in the van and it just kept getting better. It’s impossible to write this as a guide for mountain biking through Brač, as I don’t have enough background and even if I did, there are people more suitable for this kind of things, like Jaka and Barbara who organized this whole thing, and Boštjan( who helped them out. After five minutes into the first ride I was sold. The beauty and calmness of the island struck me, the endless gravel roads that can take you just about anywhere and the trails that test your concentration. One broken camera and a dislocated finger after, all I can say is that I want to go back and I will go back.

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