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February the 21st, 2015 – Saturday. Ljubljana is waking up into a cloudy morning; the Friday parties have turned into hangovers and the ones who like to sleep in, are sleeping in. I try to sleep at least until the alarm goes off, but I cant, I’ve never been good at it, so I wake up half an hour sooner. I thought that having a couple of drinks the night before will help, but all it caused was a slight headache, just enough to slow things down. Two eggs and a slice of bread along with a cup of coffee should take care of that… it’s a long day ahead so there’s no need to rush things.

A couple hours later and I’m sharing the road with two of my best friends, we have no idea what’s ahead of us and for all it matters we really don’t care. The plan is to explore new areas on unknown (to us) roads, we are equipped with too much stuff for a one day cycling trip but who cares, our main objective is having fun. Spending the whole day on a bike, almost doing more hiking than biking, eating the worst bakery shop pizza ever and realizing that despite all of the useless equipment we’ve brought along, we are missing the one thing that we were most excited about. Fire; one of the earliest of human discoveries, can be used for cooking meals and preparing coffee among all the other stuff, and if you have gas, mugs, grounded coffee and water, you can actually enjoy a cup of coffee. But all of that is irrelevant, when you forget to bring a fire source, such as a lighter or a couple of matches. What this means is that the occasional “clonk”, “cling” sound that comes from bellow your saddle, which indicates that you indeed still carry a steel mug strapped to your rails, isn’t amusing any more, it becomes kind of annoying now that it’s purpose has been lost.

But then again, no one really cares about that as well, we have succeeded in obtaining our goal, which was to have fun on our bikes. We discovered a couple of rideable and unrideable awesome roads, and we returned home with our lights turned on and our bikes full of mud, snow and sand. What more could you wish for on a February Saturday?

A lighter.

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