Cognitive State



It’s been a while since the four of us (Pici Bici) took some time away from the shop and decided to go on a bike trip. So when the opportunity arose in the first week of August, we had to take it. The plan was to head towards the Croatian Istria, which is what we always do, but the weather somehow disagreed. We spent our first night just across the border, the rain was falling for the most of the afternoon and throughout the whole night, and after checking every possible weather forecast there is, we decided to change the whole Istria plan. You always have to try and make the best out of everything, and since this was the only week we could use for a bit of an escape, cancelling it completely was just not an option! My girlfriend’s family owns a small vineyard with a sort of a cabin on top of it, so this was to become our shelter for the next few days, all we had to do was get there.

There is roughly 250km from the place where we slept to the vineyard, so we decided to split the ride in two pieces and stop in Ljubljana where we could dry our stuff in the comforts of our homes. A lot of times when we were riding I thought about the previous years and how everything changed…we used to do this on fixed gear bikes, wearing shitty kits and no helmets. No one was in good shape so we were all suffering after the first ride, but stubborn as we were, we kept on going.

It kind of resembles our shop in a way… from what was first a fixed gear shop with four guys who didn’t have a clue of how to run things, became a shop that has a clear idea of the future and how to get there. Sure enough we are still evolving, but we came a long way and we don’t plan to stop going! This time there was not a lot of suffering, we all had good bikes and good equipment, and more or less we are in good shape. We now know our limits and can be realistic about the hardness or the length of our rides. In many ways, this adventure was somewhat special, we used to take our filming gear everywhere we went, so that everyone would get to see where we were and how it was. But this time we didn’t even think about it, this time we just wanted to have as little obligations as possible, and enjoy our time together. We took some photos and recorded our rides on strava, but that’s a whole different thing, it’s not the same as filming and worrying about the equipment when it’s raining…and it was raining a lot! In the end we did almost 500km in five days, ate a lot of barbecue, drank a lot of coffee and even if we had to abandon plans for swimming in the Adriatic sea, we were still wet from the rain, which is better than nothing!

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