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9am Saturday the 2nd of August 2014

Early August, the Tour is over and you have to wait about a month or so for the Vuelta to start. The weather in Slovenia feels nothing like summer, it’s raining almost every day, the temperatures are going from high to low like crazy and more often than not it’s hard to find motivation for going on a ride. It feels like a bad kind of early spring actually… in fact it feels just about right for a classic race to happen.

List of ingredients for organizing a classic race:
Bad roads (preferably gravel or pave) – check
One hard climb or two – check
Bad weather – optional
Cyclists willing to ride in this conditions – check
Drama – check

The second edition of our “path of the lost classic” happened on the 2nd of August…to me it seemed like it came out of nowhere and even if this year I was on a bike more than ever, it was still a painful experience. That being said, I feel safe to say that this is my favorite ride of the year, and I can’t wait for the third edition in 2015.

There were 15 of us at the starting line, including two riders from Czech Republic that came to Slovenia just because of this. Unlike last year, this time we didn’t have a single puncture, riders were prepared of what’s coming and they brought the right equipment to do the job. Everything was running smoothly and for a while we actually thought that we’d be home ahead of time, destroying the spell of our previous season. But the spell was stronger, and it decided to turn one of our strongest riders into a victim. It has thrown Jernej off the bike right at the moment where the terrain was the hardest, thus enabling him to complete the ride and end up with eight stitches on his right arm.

The remaining bunch decided to not be intimidated and continued the battle with the spell, fighting demons in shape of cars and flying over gravel like mad men. With high spirits we crossed the finish line victoriously, although one rider short but prepared for future battles!

Spell of thou gravel almighty,
Doom shall be brought o’er thee,
Thy power forever diminished,
As our wheels grindest o’er thou.

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