Cognitive State



I have to admit that this years RHC series went by more or less unnoticed by me. As unnoticed as it could with all the social media coverage off course. I still knew who the winners were and if there was a big crash or some sort of a scandal, but that was more or less it. And apart from cheering in my mind for my good friend Bor who already tried to qualify in New York and Barcelona, I didn’t pay much attention and I also didn’t really care. A few years ago I’d be all over this shit, checking out the updates on the smartphone app, refreshing the hash tags on Instagram and probably talking about what’s right and wrong. It’s so easy being a smart ass when you’re standing behind the barriers or looking at the screen…

The summer passed away faster than most and for someone who missed out on most of the racing action this year, the Red Hook Criterium in Milano was a perfect weekend getaway. It was also a great chance to see how the series progressed since 2014 when I first saw it, and since there were four people participating from Slovenia, it was most definitely the place to be.

It’s amazing how the event changed in only a couple of years. What used to look like a bunch of bike messengers and punks now looks like any other road race event, only with a bit more relaxed vibe about it. But what really stands out is the level of racing that they achieved in these years, just look at the average speed of the men’s and women’s finals… The event came to a point where almost every qualifying group has to be stopped due to a more or less serious crash, and I can only see it becoming worse as the event gains more and more popularity.

I for one, love that fact… I love the dangerousness of the race, the drama and the angst that goes with it.
But I also have to stop and wonder where this leads? It’s inevitable for the RHC to become even more professional through the years, which means that it will only get faster and unfortunately also more dangerous for the racers. In my opinion, the RHC has overgrown it’s venues and will eventually have to change them before someone gets seriously hurt, but then again, they might as well allow brakes and derailleurs on the bikes and it will be the end of a spectacular event. If you have the chance to see it before that happens, I highly recommend it!

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