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Just a few days prior to the start of Tuscany Trail, an unsupported bicycle adventure that occurs in the beginning of May, in – you guessed it – Tuscany, Italy. Jure, Klemen and I decided to test all the gear that we have finally accumulated for this adventure, and hopefully many more to come. As I’m writing this, the only thing missing are our navigation devices, and since I’m stressing out over that way more than I would like to, I’d rather not loose more words on the subject.

Our plan was to go out of sight for three days and two nights, the rough idea of our whereabouts was established and our bags were packed with the same stuff that we plan to use in Tuscany. Food, shelter, clothes and whatever comes to mind… our hope was that these three days would be enough for us to get a grip of the equipment and allow us to make some adjustments before our trip to Italy. Due to other obligations, the weekend we chose was actually our only option, and even though the weather forecast was bad, no one expected it to get as bad as it did.

As expected, we awoke to the sound of raindrops hitting our tents; it has been raining for a couple of hours through the night and judging by the sound, it was a slow and steady kind of rain. With no rush at all, we finished our breakfast and packed our stuff, the rain was supposed to calm down in a couple of hours and even if our clothes got wet, there would be enough time for us to dry them before the day ends. But since things never go according to plan, the rain only got worse, and our clothes only got wetter and colder. The temperature dropped to 0 degrees Celsius and it actually started snowing. Wet to our bones and shivering, we changed our route plans and pedaled to our hometown, where we could dry the equipment and ourselves in the comforts of our homes. The decision was not a hard one to make, as it would do us no good if one of us got sick just a couple of days before the Tuscany Trail. In the end, we feel that our goal was achieved; we all found a couple of things that bother us and that we will change before the Tuscany Trail, but overall we are really satisfied with how the trip turned out. We still rode our bikes for three days, ate a lot of camp food, found flaws and solutions and we are feeling confident about next week, which I guess is the most important.

Oh, and we found some AMAZING gravel!

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