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After returning home from the Tuscany Trail, I’ve talked a lot about it with friends, fellow cyclists and basically anyone that was a keen listener. More importantly, I’ve written a lot about it… some of it has already been published, and some of it is getting there. Every article is a bit different and I’m looking at the photos again and again when I’m writing one, but what’s interesting to me is how I never get tired of looking at them. Each one of them brings a certain memory from an adventure that plays a life-changing role in my life.

Tuscany Trail is a 560km long unsupported adventure, which travels through (you’ve guessed it) Tuscany, and along the way covers roughly 11.000m of elevation. You can read all about that and more on their webpage, so I’m not going to spend another word on that account, except that it’s absolutely brilliant and if you ever get a chance to do it, you most definitely should!

It will have a special place in my heart for as long as I’ll be alive, since this was the first bike-packing tour of the kind that I ever did. I’ve done some bike packing and bike touring before, but it was always on familiar terrain and in smaller proportions. I’m glad that Klemen and Jure were by my side and I’m sure that it was equally special for them as it was for me. The Tuscany Trail inspired us to do more trips like that in the future and we’re already planning our next adventures together, but until then, we still have all these photos to look at and yearn.


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